Midnight Game Acquisition

We got a late night call to get some later classics local to the shop.. Still unloading at 11:00 p. m.


Today’s Adventure was Vector Graphics. We amassed a pile of Space Duel and Tempest boards with a working AR-II-02 and a working WG6100. So we spent some time testing away.

Link: TechPr0n

Game Room Acquisitions

I acquired a Nice Missile Command Upright and an Asteroids Deluxe for the game room.

Dig Dug Pictures

Finally got the final state picture of Dig Dug up on the album.

Photos: Final State


After months of reconstructive surgery, Dig Dug is ready for sale. This one was full of surprises. The good board was missing a chip, the bad board was just bad but had the chip needed for the “good” board. The control panel side needed repair. The bottoms were swollen and flaking away. I thought the paint needed some touching, more like restencilling.

All the bondo and putty work combined with the swelling to make the T channel useless. It would be fair to say we rebuilt 25% of the channel with the router and a channel bit. New molding looks great though.

Added bottom rails to relieve the stress on the flaky bottom. Strengthen bonds on the the bottom panels to improve the overall strength of the cabinet.

Restoration Log: Dig Dug
Photos: Dig Dug


Applied T-Molding to Left Side. Had to cut new channel into the Bondo repair. So this is taking longer than expected.

Restoration Log: Dig Dug
Photos: Dig Dug

Dig Dug Base

Dig Dug got some attention tonight. It has been a long, dry summer for arcade work. Family trips and lake living have kept me away.

This machine is nearly ready but the bottom was falling apart. It would not hold the T molding. 4 hours of Bondo work later we have a solid bottom edge. Primer and first coat of paint were applied but more paint is needed. Next up, the routing and T molding.

Restoration Log: Dig Dug
Photos: Dig Dug

Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday and this is mine!

Photos: KLAX Dedicated

Dug Digs!

After buying a working board that was not working I was frustrated. David looked closely while packing the board to ship out when he noticed missing pins on two chips! We swapped those chips with another board and Dig Dug Is digging again.


I had a Centipede cocktail project lingering in the basement for years. Rick acquired a Dig Dug with a corroded board. He was planning to convert to a multi-game. The cabinet was in solid shape and most of the art is good. I talked him into a trade to preserve this classic.

Cleaning Zone

Battlezone 3097 got a much needed cleaning. We opened it up and cleaned all the plastic parts. The black light was weak so we replaced it. Now the back art is bright.

We did a good job on aligning the video. Three of the four radar points are one the scope. looks pretty sharp with the newly capped monitor.

We have some control panel issue to iron out then this unit will be ready for sale.

Missile Command

Replaced the power switch on Missile Command tonight. Also placed a shield between the AR board and the Leg screws. Then it was on to minor restoration points.

The lock was changed out for something that fit the cabinet better and held the door closed. Several kludged screws were removed and proper threaded bolt replaced their function.

Took the time to restore the wood panel around the start buttons. Something smashed it hard and split the plywood open. Fortunately the laminate was still in tact and we could smooth it back together with some glue to restore the original form.

Asteroids Monitor

Not exactly what I expected from a newly rebuilt and calibrated monitor. I would blame the board, but I tried 3 different boards and got the same result.

Log: Asteroids (15195)

Fully Operational Battlezone

The board came back and we tested it. Working great. still more to do on this project but great to see and hear it living again.

Missile Command Again

Missile Command gave us trouble. It killed two boards. We tore it apart and tested all the power pathways. The AR-II was pumping -25V into the -5V line. Could be a problem? It seems fine now with a known-working, loaner AR-II.

This project is far from over, but a few games of Missile Command put some juice back in the process.

Log: MC1980


The Asteroids (15195) is back. We replaced the Big Blue and refurbed the power brick. The monitor was repaired for $75 and installed. The board is shot. It is out for repair.

Back door was painted.

Marquee light rebuilt. We tested several ballasts for other repair jobs. I think I am set for FS2 and ballast parts for a while.

Sprint Power

We got the replacement transformer wired into the Sprint 2 last night. Checked voltages and powered the lights. It worked a new bulb in the coin door had it up and glowing. 120 going to the fluorescent bulb but no light. I will have to rebuild that.

Next we added the monitor and it is good. Finally added the boardset and played Sprint 2!

The wheels are great, both coin slot work. Track select, 1 Player and 2 player light up when appropriate. Both shifters and gas pedals work.

The monitor needs some help. Tried making adjustment to get the best picture but it is not great. We have a working spare. Might need to consider capacitors on this one.


My Pole Position cockpit had a volume problem. This game has 4 volume controls and one of them just did not want to adjust. I bought a replacement Potentiometer because I assumed it was rusted and frozen up. I should have looked first.

We opened it up and found the bad volume pot. It appears the contact was caught on one of the wires and not rusted in place. Cleared the tangle and adjusted away.

I had to play a few games. You know, just to test it out. Make sure there were no further problems with the nit.

Space Duel 01107

We acquired a Space Duel Cocktail. Space Duel is essentially 2 player Asteroids. It is fun in the head to head cocktail configuration. Problem is the 6100 monitor is a rare color vector. The problem is the maintenance is expensive and the price will reflect that fact.

For Sale: Space Duel

LeMans Ready to Roll

LeMans is ready for Sale. We are starting at $250 and seeing what the market for Monochrome is like.

Photos: LeMans
Restoration Log: LeMans

Elbows Deep in Monchromes

David was over for a working session. We lined up the Gun Fights and other Black and White games. We have some working XM700 monitors, a working board or two and a pile of Midway Power supplies.

We found one Power Supply that needs help on -5 Volt side.

We proved two monitors work and on does not.

We proved it takes almost 5.4 volts to get +5V on the boards. Have to inspect the harnesses and look for something that soaks it up!

Game Moving Day

Today was a travel day, Picked up an Atari Battlezone in very nice condition and a Kee Games Sprint 2.


TJ wants a Tetris. I found a board on KLOV for $55. I have an upright cabinet with power, monitor, clear glass and a nearly useful control panel. Target is $300 or less.

LeMans Acquired

I acquired an Atari LeMans, complete with spare board. Tear down should begin this weekend.