Cedar Rock Arcade Day

The first Cedar Rock Arcade Day was today. We had 4 restorationists and made progress on 4 units. We planted the empty Space Invaders in the garden for the day to signal the long distance travelers they were at their destination.

Pole Position monitor was properly adjusted and the AR-II-01’s were completed.

Frogger failed to rejuvenate, so we swapped tubes for a brighter picture.

PlayChoice got a sanding and shaping. It is waiting for primer.

Missile Command cocktail got rebuilt where the player 1 control panel was smashed in.

Winter is Coming

As the cold weather approaches I am forced to empty the garage and prepare space for my truck. Moving days are here again.


Where is the shop you keep referencing in all these post? Until recently the shop was the basement. Now that David is on board, we are restoring more games than ever and needed space. I found a local (4 miles) place with 200 square feet of space.

The temperature extremes are not ideal but it is climate controlled. Power, light and a paint booth make it ideal for restoration. Hopefully this will solve some parts storage issues I have faced in the past.

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