Skee Ball

Worked on Skee Ball this week. Having electrical issues. Apparently these units pre date the GFCI craze and link the common and Ground at one point. So it works on non-GFCI outlets but pops the GFC every time I plug in.


After months of reconstructive surgery, Dig Dug is ready for sale. This one was full of surprises. The good board was missing a chip, the bad board was just bad but had the chip needed for the “good” board. The control panel side needed repair. The bottoms were swollen and flaking away. I thought the paint needed some touching, more like restencilling.

All the bondo and putty work combined with the swelling to make the T channel useless. It would be fair to say we rebuilt 25% of the channel with the router and a channel bit. New molding looks great though.

Added bottom rails to relieve the stress on the flaky bottom. Strengthen bonds on the the bottom panels to improve the overall strength of the cabinet.

Restoration Log: Dig Dug
Photos: Dig Dug

Mr. Do! Alight

The pieces fell in place. I found bulbs at 1000 Bulbs. David found starters. All the pieces made it to the machine and now Mr. Do! is alight!

Restoration Log: Mr. Do!


Applied T-Molding to Left Side. Had to cut new channel into the Bondo repair. So this is taking longer than expected.

Restoration Log: Dig Dug
Photos: Dig Dug

Mr. Do! Instruction Card

I made some improvement to the Instruction Card I acquired at VfaD 2013. Thanks to the KLOV members for pointing me at the headlight restoration kits. This worked fantastically! It took about 3 hours as I was carefully reading and gathering needed tools along the way.

So much better.

Walkthrough: Plastic Restoration

Dig Dug Base

Dig Dug got some attention tonight. It has been a long, dry summer for arcade work. Family trips and lake living have kept me away.

This machine is nearly ready but the bottom was falling apart. It would not hold the T molding. 4 hours of Bondo work later we have a solid bottom edge. Primer and first coat of paint were applied but more paint is needed. Next up, the routing and T molding.

Restoration Log: Dig Dug
Photos: Dig Dug

Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday and this is mine!

Photos: KLAX Dedicated

Jr. Got Some Attention

Donkey Kong Jr. was acquired with monitor troubles. It is not able to fill the screen. Vertical collapse is a problem that can be fixed. We will try tonight to manage it.

DK Jr. Acquired

A friend sent a Craig’s List lead on a Donkey Kong Jr. I made the call and it was in my garage a few hours later.


My community held a flea market / craft fair / vendorpolooza thing. I set up among the beaders, photographers, and Avon ladies. I caught a few weary husbands and curious kids looking for some distraction from the flea market life.

I did not make my space rental back in quarters. That was not my goal, though. I did hand out 30 business cards, introduce the possibility of owning a game to the region and got a few restoration requests. Successful day.

I choose 1976, 1978 and 1981 to represent. For those Kentucky Derby watching readers, Stargate gathered the most quarters, LeMans second and Space Invaders third place.


What is this? I got a lead on a Ms. Pac-Man cabaret. David and I went to see it.

Nothing Midway or Ms. Pac bout it.

It looks to be a Euro cabinet. Olympia in Italy is the manufacturer. It has some badly drawn Ms. Pac-Man art but also has awesome “Space Bug” artwork surrounding the monitor. I hope someone can tell me what this is.

Evidence: Olympia

A Find for Someone

I was buying some project games from a local resident. She mentioned her neighbor had some project for sale as well. I went to check it out and found a nice Sea Wolf Project.

I have lost contact with this seller. I assume he sold it.

Location: 07405
Photos: Sea Wolf

Game Haul Today

I have 3 new projects. We responded to a craigslist ad and drove on out to find 3 machines in need of restoration. Defender, Asteroids and Pole Position all need serious help but they seem mostly solid. The projects begin!

Dug Digs!

After buying a working board that was not working I was frustrated. David looked closely while packing the board to ship out when he noticed missing pins on two chips! We swapped those chips with another board and Dig Dug Is digging again.


Taito Electronics copyrighted and produced Space Invaders in 1978, Midway licensed and produced the game for the US Market.  The thump, thump, thump of doom descending from space has made it to every major gaming platform for the last 3 decades.  Japan quadrupled their Yen coin production to keep up with the demand generated in the years following the game's release.

When did you first play?  Was it in an arcade?  Was it the Taito version with a joystick or the Midway version with two movement buttons? Was it later on a home game console?

Photos: 10050 (Mine, you can’t have it for under $500)
Photos: 30930
Photos: 8685 (Beyond Saving?)


I had a Centipede cocktail project lingering in the basement for years. Rick acquired a Dig Dug with a corroded board. He was planning to convert to a multi-game. The cabinet was in solid shape and most of the art is good. I talked him into a trade to preserve this classic.

Frogger Control

Got the Frogger art and had a chance to apply the Control Panel Overlay tonight. I have to say this looks nice and bright compared to the original. Up next, side art.

Photos: Frogger

Cedar Rock Arcade Day

The first Cedar Rock Arcade Day was today. We had 4 restorationists and made progress on 4 units. We planted the empty Space Invaders in the garden for the day to signal the long distance travelers they were at their destination.

Pole Position monitor was properly adjusted and the AR-II-01’s were completed.

Frogger failed to rejuvenate, so we swapped tubes for a brighter picture.

PlayChoice got a sanding and shaping. It is waiting for primer.

Missile Command cocktail got rebuilt where the player 1 control panel was smashed in.

Cleaning Zone

Battlezone 3097 got a much needed cleaning. We opened it up and cleaned all the plastic parts. The black light was weak so we replaced it. Now the back art is bright.

We did a good job on aligning the video. Three of the four radar points are one the scope. looks pretty sharp with the newly capped monitor.

We have some control panel issue to iron out then this unit will be ready for sale.

Missile Command

Replaced the power switch on Missile Command tonight. Also placed a shield between the AR board and the Leg screws. Then it was on to minor restoration points.

The lock was changed out for something that fit the cabinet better and held the door closed. Several kludged screws were removed and proper threaded bolt replaced their function.

Took the time to restore the wood panel around the start buttons. Something smashed it hard and split the plywood open. Fortunately the laminate was still in tact and we could smooth it back together with some glue to restore the original form.


Defender left the shop today. This was a solid unit with no operational issues. Artwork was not great, but the control, monitor and gameplay are fine.

Another classic returned to the world.


Tron is finally done. Nine months lapsed but the labor totaled about 65 hours. We had serious failures issues with the side art. The cabinet back pieces were very rough. It took 3 times the paint I expected.

Photos: Tron
Restoration Log: Tron

Frogger Lives

After the power supply swap and a cap kit, Frogger is playable. Needs lights, locks, and a little more love.