Midnight Game Acquisition

We got a late night call to get some later classics local to the shop.. Still unloading at 11:00 p. m.

Shop Time

I had some time to work on the final paint removal for Star Trek. I had one more bit of Bondo to do on Start Trek, so I also started the Gyruss corner rebuild.

I am getting my new compressor lined up and repairing the vent motor for the paint booth. I might not be choking on fumes when I paint Star Trek.


Side one is clean!

Restoration: Photos

Naked Trek

Getting stripped. That is two sheets of sandpaper. One 220 to smooth the bond edges and one 80 to rip off the paint. It is not difficult, just needs to manage the patience to keep going back to the shop for one more sheet’s worth.

Restoration: Photos

Started Star Trek Restore

I started another “Finish Him!” project. This one will go faster than Tron. The weather is better, I am committed to completion.

Restoration Log: Star Trek

Photos: Star Trek

Project For Sale

Project for Sale!

I just can’t! Last Super Hang On restoration nearly killed me. This one is starting off with a broken neck. The cabinet is solid, no water swelling anywhere. There are parts in a bucket and it seems nearly complete. If you know Sega, please fix this one.

For Sale: Super Hang On Upright

Photos: Super Hang On

Frogger Control

Got the Frogger art and had a chance to apply the Control Panel Overlay tonight. I have to say this looks nice and bright compared to the original. Up next, side art.

Photos: Frogger

Frogger Lives

After the power supply swap and a cap kit, Frogger is playable. Needs lights, locks, and a little more love.


There are those among us who believe switching power supplies never fail. This is the third one to fail on me. This boy was pumping out 2.3VDC when it should be +5. Bad power supply you have been replaced.

Log: Frogger (197297)

G-LOC Seat

I asked a neighbor to look at the G-LOC seat bottom. It was in pretty bad shape but plastic is not my thing. Bob used his fiberglass skills to mend, restore and produced a beautiful seat bottom.