Missile Command

Game Room Acquisitions

I acquired a Nice Missile Command Upright and an Asteroids Deluxe for the game room.

Missile Command

Replaced the power switch on Missile Command tonight. Also placed a shield between the AR board and the Leg screws. Then it was on to minor restoration points.

The lock was changed out for something that fit the cabinet better and held the door closed. Several kludged screws were removed and proper threaded bolt replaced their function.

Took the time to restore the wood panel around the start buttons. Something smashed it hard and split the plywood open. Fortunately the laminate was still in tact and we could smooth it back together with some glue to restore the original form.

Missile Command Again

Missile Command gave us trouble. It killed two boards. We tore it apart and tested all the power pathways. The AR-II was pumping -25V into the -5V line. Could be a problem? It seems fine now with a known-working, loaner AR-II.

This project is far from over, but a few games of Missile Command put some juice back in the process.

Log: MC1980