Tron is finally done. Nine months lapsed but the labor totaled about 65 hours. We had serious failures issues with the side art. The cabinet back pieces were very rough. It took 3 times the paint I expected.

Photos: Tron
Restoration Log: Tron

Second Meltdown

Tried the second side last night, it failed just like the first. Curled up like crazy.

Tried the recommended 3M 80 Spray. Super light coat this time. Too light, it did not stick. It did manage to cause the shrivel marks again. Very disappointing.

Tron Art Meltdown

I had a small meltdown. The Tron art was not behaving and I had to add more adhesive. The 3M Spray Adhesive 80 was recommended. I carefully applied it and had hope this project would end.

The spray adhesive will melt your artwork if applied too liberally in some areas.

Would have been good to know prior to spraying.

Big Progress

We made serious headway on Tron tonight. It was more work than I expected. Every time I look in the parts pile there are more things I have to do. Everything seems to take a little creative joining as well.

What’s new:
  • Inside Art, Left and Right
  • Stick plastic
  • Shroud art, left, right and center

Photos: Tron Rebuild


I was making progress on the Tron paint today