Shop Time

I had some time to work on the final paint removal for Star Trek. I had one more bit of Bondo to do on Start Trek, so I also started the Gyruss corner rebuild.

I am getting my new compressor lined up and repairing the vent motor for the paint booth. I might not be choking on fumes when I paint Star Trek.

Gyruss DE Run

It was a long trip for a small haul. I fetched Gyruss from Tim for restoration and shipping to Germany. Long list of fixes for this project before the container sails. I am not sure I can get them all done.

Restoration Log: Germany Gyruss

Game Haul

My dad came up for the weekend so we went on a buying spree in NY State. We grabbed a working Gyruss in average condition, a working Vanguard in better condition (art is nice but he cabinet dropped a piece on the way home and the sound chips are bad), Atari Football is working and not in bad shape for the age. The jewel in this load is Terminator 2. In beautiful shape, working, even has the “bang” lights I have never seen in other cabinets.