Sprint Power

We got the replacement transformer wired into the Sprint 2 last night. Checked voltages and powered the lights. It worked a new bulb in the coin door had it up and glowing. 120 going to the fluorescent bulb but no light. I will have to rebuild that.

Next we added the monitor and it is good. Finally added the boardset and played Sprint 2!

The wheels are great, both coin slot work. Track select, 1 Player and 2 player light up when appropriate. Both shifters and gas pedals work.

The monitor needs some help. Tried making adjustment to get the best picture but it is not great. We have a working spare. Might need to consider capacitors on this one.

LeMans Ready to Roll

LeMans is ready for Sale. We are starting at $250 and seeing what the market for Monochrome is like.

Photos: LeMans
Restoration Log: LeMans

Elbows Deep in Monchromes

David was over for a working session. We lined up the Gun Fights and other Black and White games. We have some working XM700 monitors, a working board or two and a pile of Midway Power supplies.

We found one Power Supply that needs help on -5 Volt side.

We proved two monitors work and on does not.

We proved it takes almost 5.4 volts to get +5V on the boards. Have to inspect the harnesses and look for something that soaks it up!

LeMans Acquired

I acquired an Atari LeMans, complete with spare board. Tear down should begin this weekend.