Space Invaders 10050

Space Invaders 10050 Delivered!

I delivered a Space Invaders to a happy and eager customer this weekend. She (Yes, women play arcade games, too) was so eager she started playing as soon as I plugged it in. Didn’t even wait for a final positioning!

She was happy to have her “new” toy. We did finally position it and leg leveled it for better play.

Burgertime Update

Updated the CP on my Burgertime. I bought the unit with the CPO and Pepper buttons uninstalled. Took years to get to it but I finally applied everything looking good now.

Midnight Game Acquisition

We got a late night call to get some later classics local to the shop.. Still unloading at 11:00 p. m.

Big Haul Weekend

I drove to Alan’s to pick up a game and came home with a pile of parts. I am not sure this will be a profitable pile but it was a large pile.


Today’s Adventure was Vector Graphics. We amassed a pile of Space Duel and Tempest boards with a working AR-II-02 and a working WG6100. So we spent some time testing away.

Link: TechPr0n

Pinball Heaven

Went to drop a pesky, problem, pinball off at the experts. Saw a stack of new pins that will make my friends jealous.

Photos: Pinball