More Restoration

This Mr. Do! bezel had serious burns. We improved it with a headlight restoration kit. The burns were very deep. Removing all the material required to get the burn completely out would make it so thin it would rattle in the cabinet.

Restoration: Log
Photos: Clear Up

Mr. Do! Alight

The pieces fell in place. I found bulbs at 1000 Bulbs. David found starters. All the pieces made it to the machine and now Mr. Do! is alight!

Restoration Log: Mr. Do!

Mr. Do! Instruction Card

I made some improvement to the Instruction Card I acquired at VfaD 2013. Thanks to the KLOV members for pointing me at the headlight restoration kits. This worked fantastically! It took about 3 hours as I was carefully reading and gathering needed tools along the way.

So much better.

Walkthrough: Plastic Restoration