Cedar Rock Arcade


My community held a flea market / craft fair / vendorpolooza thing. I set up among the beaders, photographers, and Avon ladies. I caught a few weary husbands and curious kids looking for some distraction from the flea market life.

I did not make my space rental back in quarters. That was not my goal, though. I did hand out 30 business cards, introduce the possibility of owning a game to the region and got a few restoration requests. Successful day.

I choose 1976, 1978 and 1981 to represent. For those Kentucky Derby watching readers, Stargate gathered the most quarters, LeMans second and Space Invaders third place.

Cedar Rock Arcade Day

The first Cedar Rock Arcade Day was today. We had 4 restorationists and made progress on 4 units. We planted the empty Space Invaders in the garden for the day to signal the long distance travelers they were at their destination.

Pole Position monitor was properly adjusted and the AR-II-01’s were completed.

Frogger failed to rejuvenate, so we swapped tubes for a brighter picture.

PlayChoice got a sanding and shaping. It is waiting for primer.

Missile Command cocktail got rebuilt where the player 1 control panel was smashed in.