Chisel and Sand

More work on the alley to get the rest of the green cork off. The ramp really held the old cork well. I am able to chisel off chunks of cork but the burlap net is harder to remove. My chisel attempts are making gauges I will need to patch. I am getting the cork off with the chisel and will sand out the netting later.

Green Alley

After much of the sanding and scraping It seems these early electronics followed the old mechanical Brown sides, Green alley and Yellow toppers color scheme.


Begin Sand
Started restoring the Skee Ball Alley. So much sanding and filling to do.

I stripped off the cork a few weeks ago. I found an underlying layer of cork. I am not sure if the last repair involve dropping new cork over old or if there are supposed to be two layers?

Skee Ball

Worked on Skee Ball this week. Having electrical issues. Apparently these units pre date the GFCI craze and link the common and Ground at one point. So it works on non-GFCI outlets but pops the GFC every time I plug in.

Skee Ball

Karen wanted Skee Ball. She found a spot in the Basement to put an alley and I finally found one. Well, two actually. Hoping I can restore both, but may need to cobble one from the pair.