Shop Time

I had some time to work on the final paint removal for Star Trek. I had one more bit of Bondo to do on Start Trek, so I also started the Gyruss corner rebuild.

I am getting my new compressor lined up and repairing the vent motor for the paint booth. I might not be choking on fumes when I paint Star Trek.


Side one is clean!

Restoration: Photos

Naked Trek

Getting stripped. That is two sheets of sandpaper. One 220 to smooth the bond edges and one 80 to rip off the paint. It is not difficult, just needs to manage the patience to keep going back to the shop for one more sheet’s worth.

Restoration: Photos

Started Star Trek Restore

I started another “Finish Him!” project. This one will go faster than Tron. The weather is better, I am committed to completion.

Restoration Log: Star Trek

Photos: Star Trek

More Restoration

This Mr. Do! bezel had serious burns. We improved it with a headlight restoration kit. The burns were very deep. Removing all the material required to get the burn completely out would make it so thin it would rattle in the cabinet.

Restoration: Log
Photos: Clear Up

Mr. Do! Alight

The pieces fell in place. I found bulbs at 1000 Bulbs. David found starters. All the pieces made it to the machine and now Mr. Do! is alight!

Restoration Log: Mr. Do!


Applied T-Molding to Left Side. Had to cut new channel into the Bondo repair. So this is taking longer than expected.

Restoration Log: Dig Dug
Photos: Dig Dug

Mr. Do! Instruction Card

I made some improvement to the Instruction Card I acquired at VfaD 2013. Thanks to the KLOV members for pointing me at the headlight restoration kits. This worked fantastically! It took about 3 hours as I was carefully reading and gathering needed tools along the way.

So much better.

Walkthrough: Plastic Restoration

Dig Dug Base

Dig Dug got some attention tonight. It has been a long, dry summer for arcade work. Family trips and lake living have kept me away.

This machine is nearly ready but the bottom was falling apart. It would not hold the T molding. 4 hours of Bondo work later we have a solid bottom edge. Primer and first coat of paint were applied but more paint is needed. Next up, the routing and T molding.

Restoration Log: Dig Dug
Photos: Dig Dug

Jr. Got Some Attention

Donkey Kong Jr. was acquired with monitor troubles. It is not able to fill the screen. Vertical collapse is a problem that can be fixed. We will try tonight to manage it.

DK Jr. Acquired

A friend sent a Craig’s List lead on a Donkey Kong Jr. I made the call and it was in my garage a few hours later.


Tron is finally done. Nine months lapsed but the labor totaled about 65 hours. We had serious failures issues with the side art. The cabinet back pieces were very rough. It took 3 times the paint I expected.

Photos: Tron
Restoration Log: Tron

Second Meltdown

Tried the second side last night, it failed just like the first. Curled up like crazy.

Tried the recommended 3M 80 Spray. Super light coat this time. Too light, it did not stick. It did manage to cause the shrivel marks again. Very disappointing.

Tron Art Meltdown

I had a small meltdown. The Tron art was not behaving and I had to add more adhesive. The 3M Spray Adhesive 80 was recommended. I carefully applied it and had hope this project would end.

The spray adhesive will melt your artwork if applied too liberally in some areas.

Would have been good to know prior to spraying.


My Pole Position cockpit had a volume problem. This game has 4 volume controls and one of them just did not want to adjust. I bought a replacement Potentiometer because I assumed it was rusted and frozen up. I should have looked first.

We opened it up and found the bad volume pot. It appears the contact was caught on one of the wires and not rusted in place. Cleared the tangle and adjusted away.

I had to play a few games. You know, just to test it out. Make sure there were no further problems with the nit.

Space Duel 01107

We acquired a Space Duel Cocktail. Space Duel is essentially 2 player Asteroids. It is fun in the head to head cocktail configuration. Problem is the 6100 monitor is a rare color vector. The problem is the maintenance is expensive and the price will reflect that fact.

For Sale: Space Duel


I acquired a Q*bert again. I really missed my last Q*bert that stayed in Connecticut. Rick would not sell it back to me, so I found another unit. It is working but could use some cosmetic help.