Skee Ball

Karen wanted Skee Ball. She found a spot in the Basement to put an alley and I finally found one. Well, two actually. Hoping I can restore both, but may need to cobble one from the pair.


Found a Cleopatra Pinball today. I am trying to get her clean now. Might only be for parts, but I will try to save her.

Qix to the Game Room

Qix is back. I had to sell mine before the AZ to NY move. I have re-acquired this game. This machine is in very nice shape and has more original parts than my first one. Hopefully it will serve well in the game room.

Ms. Pac-Man

Picked up a Ms. Pac-Man today. Working, nice condition artwork-wise. I plan to improve reliability and artwork where I can.


New project, new era. We acquired this Golden Tee because the demand is still pretty high and the price was right. This one is not working. Monitor is busted and the board condition is unknown.

This is a post-2000 era game. Way out of my normal experience. I had to look inside! There is almost nothing I recognize. The power supply is an ATX, computer style, closed box with a fan mounted on it. I see a Hard Drive and a VGA card. I think my brother in law would know more about fixing this beast than I do.

It should be an interesting ride.

Restoration Log: Golden Tee

Operation Wolf

David spied an Operation Wolf in Sayreville for a great price. The artwork is in great shape. The boards are missing, but the price was right. It is a very clean cabinet.

Photos: Operation Wolf

MegaTouch IV

Merit MegaTouch Bartop Multigame. My Dad has a very early bartop that will soon be going. I want to get this one in shape for that day.

LeMans Acquired

I acquired an Atari LeMans, complete with spare board. Tear down should begin this weekend.