Game Haul Today

I have 3 new projects. We responded to a craigslist ad and drove on out to find 3 machines in need of restoration. Defender, Asteroids and Pole Position all need serious help but they seem mostly solid. The projects begin!

Asteroids Monitor

Not exactly what I expected from a newly rebuilt and calibrated monitor. I would blame the board, but I tried 3 different boards and got the same result.

Log: Asteroids (15195)


The Asteroids (15195) is back. We replaced the Big Blue and refurbed the power brick. The monitor was repaired for $75 and installed. The board is shot. It is out for repair.

Back door was painted.

Marquee light rebuilt. We tested several ballasts for other repair jobs. I think I am set for FS2 and ballast parts for a while.