Beat the Beast

I finally scored a Haul that beat my Game Hauling Beast. This run could not be handled by the Ridgeline
  • G-LOC Cockpit
  • Top Skater (50” Monitor)
  • Super Hang On
  • Cisco Heat
  • most of Rampage

Game Hauling Beast

There was doubt that my game hauler could haul the big toys. That is a Star Wars cockpit loaded in Reggie’s bed! With room to spare, thank you.

I never had a doubt:

Finish Him!

I acquired a working Mortal Combat in a Rally X cabinet. I am planning to use most of this for the Tetris, but the leftovers may be another game for me. COuld also be a test harness.


TJ wants a Tetris. I found a board on KLOV for $55. I have an upright cabinet with power, monitor, clear glass and a nearly useful control panel. Target is $300 or less.

Qix to the Game Room

Qix is back. I had to sell mine before the AZ to NY move. I have re-acquired this game. This machine is in very nice shape and has more original parts than my first one. Hopefully it will serve well in the game room.


Ms. Pac-Man was delivered to a crowd of kids who played for hours. Happy new home!

Ms. Pac-Man

Picked up a Ms. Pac-Man today. Working, nice condition artwork-wise. I plan to improve reliability and artwork where I can.

Big Haul

We picked up 4 games at the Vidiot for a Day party. Rain was forecast for Sunday and Monday, not Saturday night! They were wrong. I drove 4 games 250 miles in the rain. It was not fun. I believe we arrive with no casualties and little damage but it was slow going and we had to stop several times to tighten.

Project: Gun Fight


New project, new era. We acquired this Golden Tee because the demand is still pretty high and the price was right. This one is not working. Monitor is busted and the board condition is unknown.

This is a post-2000 era game. Way out of my normal experience. I had to look inside! There is almost nothing I recognize. The power supply is an ATX, computer style, closed box with a fan mounted on it. I see a Hard Drive and a VGA card. I think my brother in law would know more about fixing this beast than I do.

It should be an interesting ride.

Restoration Log: Golden Tee

Ice Was Nice

The Ice Cold beer is on its new base and out the door! Another project for the History files.

Operational Wolf

Operation Wolf is operational. The cabinet still needs a little cosmetic work, but the new board brought this unit to life.

Operation Wolf

David spied an Operation Wolf in Sayreville for a great price. The artwork is in great shape. The boards are missing, but the price was right. It is a very clean cabinet.

Photos: Operation Wolf

Ice Cold Beer

Another Project in the shop!
Log: Ice Cold Beer
Photos: Ice Cold Beer

MegaTouch IV

Merit MegaTouch Bartop Multigame. My Dad has a very early bartop that will soon be going. I want to get this one in shape for that day.

LeMans Acquired

I acquired an Atari LeMans, complete with spare board. Tear down should begin this weekend.