Rebuilt Corner

The start button panel and side of the player one control panel were smashed in. After the pieces were repaired a few weeks ago I placed them back in the cabinet, glued, stapled and screwed them in place and clamped for a good tight drying time.

Final Tally

Acquisition50Truck and helpers (12 man hours)
Clean and test02 man hours
Repaired PCB150 
Repaired PCB150Yes, I burned 2!
Top Glass and Brackets??? 
Monitor Shroud???need a source
Target Price(500) 


Several shortcuts were taken in the life of this cabinet. We removed many kludge screws and replaced them with the proper bolts. We fixed the door lock that was allowing the door to hang open a bit. Now it has a close seal.

The broken power switch was replaced. The control panel bolts were placed as some wood screws were removed. A non conductive shield was placed between the AR board and the leg bolts to avoid shorting and grounding. Repairs were made to the wood around the start buttons and the player 1 controls.


We are going to need an AR-II. The one on board is pumping -25V where it should be -5V. Perhaps that is why I fried two boards?

Burn Test 2

Ok, new burn test, new board was hoping for no glitches. WRONG!

Started at 10:30, by 2:30 it was making noises and flashing video. This was much worse and more spectacular of a fail. It burned two memory chips. RIP J4 and H4.