Space Invaders 10050

Space Invaders 10050 Delivered!

I delivered a Space Invaders to a happy and eager customer this weekend. She (Yes, women play arcade games, too) was so eager she started playing as soon as I plugged it in. Didn’t even wait for a final positioning!

She was happy to have her “new” toy. We did finally position it and leg leveled it for better play.

Burgertime Update

Updated the CP on my Burgertime. I bought the unit with the CPO and Pepper buttons uninstalled. Took years to get to it but I finally applied everything looking good now.

Midnight Game Acquisition

We got a late night call to get some later classics local to the shop.. Still unloading at 11:00 p. m.

Big Haul Weekend

I drove to Alan’s to pick up a game and came home with a pile of parts. I am not sure this will be a profitable pile but it was a large pile.


Today’s Adventure was Vector Graphics. We amassed a pile of Space Duel and Tempest boards with a working AR-II-02 and a working WG6100. So we spent some time testing away.

Link: TechPr0n

Pinball Heaven

Went to drop a pesky, problem, pinball off at the experts. Saw a stack of new pins that will make my friends jealous.

Photos: Pinball

Arcade Visit - Knoebel's

In rare cases I see an active arcade and I have to bring photos to this bLog. The nephews and family gathered at Knoebel’s Amusement Resort for a day. I found an active arcade.

Photos: Knoebel’s

Shop Time

I had some time to work on the final paint removal for Star Trek. I had one more bit of Bondo to do on Start Trek, so I also started the Gyruss corner rebuild.

I am getting my new compressor lined up and repairing the vent motor for the paint booth. I might not be choking on fumes when I paint Star Trek.

Gyruss DE Run

It was a long trip for a small haul. I fetched Gyruss from Tim for restoration and shipping to Germany. Long list of fixes for this project before the container sails. I am not sure I can get them all done.

Restoration Log: Germany Gyruss


Rough ride home from Norwalk, CT with Donkey Kong #157408. Went out east to claim this restored beauty. Got it out of the house, into the drive, wrapped it as the rain started and got into the truck when it really hit.

Fortunately the plastic held, traffic was terrible but that rain only lasted 10 minutes.

Overlay Night

Tonight we knocked out some overlay projects.
Major Havoc was first. The control panel is new and nicely powder coated. The overlay fit well. The overlay wraps tightly around the top of the panel. I clamped it overnight to ensure a nice, bubble-free bond. Next step is to cut out the roller area. This was not cut by the printer.

Next was a Multi-Wiliams. No wraparound on this one, straight forward and clean. This one had lots of buttons to help align the overlay nicely.
Then there was a Quantum. This was a little odd because sit does not wrap around. It stops before the top of the panel. It looks nice. There is no more art to show, so stopping is fine, just odd.

Last stop was the Multi Asteroids. We have two of these to do. I can’t. I just don’t know where to align them. Nothing is die cut. I have not reference points. I tried to align to the Player Start button and that comes up short on the bottom and long on the top. I need to consult someone on this before proceeding.


Side one is clean!

Restoration: Photos