Defender sold today! Another Classic returned to the world.

For Sale

The unit is back together and tested. It is on location at the shop’s common area for play.

The game is a solid B cabinet. The paint is good but not great. The plastics are complete but have cigarette burns.

The lights work, the game plays, the controls are working. It is a solid unit for home use.

Previous modifications include:
  • Added coin up button to coin door
  • Replaced power cord
  • New power cord is AT style (C13/C14)
  • Power switch removed (power strip controls power)

I did not undo these modifications yet,

Link: For Sale

Paint Complete

The paint on this cabinet was not is great shape. Several owners seem to have given restoration a shot and all failed. The last attempt left several sanded bare spots and some wood fill.

I sanded and filled again. Then started painting the black. Turns out Defender is not a gloss black type of cabinet. It is more of a flat black or slightly eggshell.

After a few trials with gloss, semi-gloss and flat I settle on the Rustoleum Flat Black.

6 coats later the cabinet is looking much better. The front is really nice. Left side is good. Right side is not great. An earlier attempt left some serious black overspray on the yellow and red. I am not willing to match and re spray the yellow and red for the offering price.


Picked this up from a former collector who advertised on rgvac. We rented a truck and some help and made our way to his house. 3 hours and hundreds of dollars in help, food, gas and rental fees later we had a garage full of projects.

This cabinet artwork is in mid restoration. The scratching and tagging of young players are mostly sanded away, but the paint needs to be restored. Appears complete, but not working.