A capacitor on the Monitor in Gun Fight went POP! No one believes when I tell them these things were just coated paper rolled up in a nice container. There it is. Well, I guess it is more a foil than paper, but rolled up in that nice little package just the same.


Today we added the connector to allow the control panel to be removed without cutting wires. We had to rewire the right player’s gun. David got the control panel in shape with some parts from the extra Gun Fight.

We added the glass today. It is not perfect but it really makes the game feel complete. The coin mechs and locks were added. This unit is nearly ready for retail.

Swap Out

We checked the harness and voltages. Everything looked pretty good. We fired it up and got garbage on the screen.

We swapped the existing boardset for a recently repaired set. Just for safety reasons, we swapped out the regulator board as well.

We fired it up and it looks great. Unfortunately we can’t coin up or start.

Checked the harnesses again, rebuilt some of the coin door wiring, tested for continuity. Attached the control panel harness to the board the right way and now it works! Coin up, start, play.

Need some fixing on the control panel, but great progress.


We picked up 4 games at the Vidiot for a Day party. One was a 1975 Midway Manufacturing Gun Fight. The Pistol grips and skinny sticks were in tact!

David has about 3 GunFights already in stock, so this was a safe project because the “known working” stock is readily available.