Gun Fight failed in the first few hours. We bought it back and have returned it to the shop.


We sold Gun fight 3999 to Robot City Games.

Control Panel fixes

We replaced a leaf switch on the left joystick and reshaped the down on the right joystick. Some solder was needed to keep the ground wire attached. This was probably causing the occasional coin up failure.

Swap Out

We check the harness and voltages. Everything looked pretty good. We fired it up and got garbage on the screen.

We swapped the existing boardset for a recently repaired set. Just for safety reasons, we swapped out the regulator board as well.

We fired it up and it looks great. Unfortunately the right cowboy doesn’t go up and the left cowboy doesn’t go down.

Need some fixing on the control panel, but great progress.


We picked up 4 games at the Vidiot for a Day party. One was a 1975 Midway Manufacturing Gun Fight. The Pistol grips and skinny sticks were in tact!

David has about 3 GunFights already in stock, so this was a safe project because the “known working” stock is readily available.