I am a fan of racing games. The feel of the wheel, pedals and sometime a shifter make the arcade games an experience you just don’t get on a console or MAME machine. You can spend hundreds of dollars in controllers and a chair and desk to mount them on and get pretty close. I choose to spend those hundred having the game that the console or MAME is trying to copy.

LeMans is a 1976 bird’s eye racer. You see the whole track as if you were in the blimp above. The graphics are just as low res, black and white and raw as you can imagine. The huge monitor, kart size wheel, 4 speed shifter, gas and brake give this game the ability to attract players more than 30 years later.

The computed physics make the game a challenge even when the top-down perspective and blocky graphics would tend to make this a boring relic. The deep sound of the engine really adds to this experience. The state of the art in 1976 allowed for good sound and great controls. Immersive graphics would have to wait.



Location: Denville, NJ 07834

Price: $300 + Delivery (or pick up)