Final Tally

Acquisition200Complete, working
Monitor Repair20 
Coin Mech15 
Side Art70 
T Molding30 
Instruction Card Set20 
Joystick (rebuilt)40 
Target Price(600) 

This still need side art, control panel overlay, T molding, Instruction cards, buttons and a Joystick rebuild. Those prices are estimated. IF all goes well we might get paid 135 for our 40 hours of work!

To the Shop

We moved the game to the shop and started cleaning. This unit is missing some pieces. We added a coin mech to the door that was removed and altered to place a coin up button in the coin return space. The Marquee and Bezel art were included but had to be placed because the brackets were off and missing screws. The control panel was slightly hacked so we corrected the hacks.


A friend forwarded a Craig’s List Ad. I made the call and the trip and in a few hours it was in the garage.