My VAPS entry got a hit. I have a nice Gyruss that is not perfect. I like having Gyruss in the game room but I have had so many now I am sure I can always get another one. I listed it as “Available” for $600 on VAPS.

I received an email inquiring about the Gyruss. It was from a .de address. After some cursory domain scans and Spam list checks, I decided to open it. A collector in Germany wanted my Gyruss. Specifically he wanted a nice, restored Gyruss with the Osborn kit, recapped monitor and as much original as possible. He also wanted a Donkey Kong. Oh and a Time Pilot board to swap into the Gyruss.

This is the story of the Gyruss.

He found one in Utica, NY for $175. Not a problem for me because Tim Iskander is only a short drive form Uitca. Tim grabbed the unit for us.