High Score Kit

I bought several High Score Kits from Matt Osborn. I have installed several of these kits and really like the extra features.

This was my first failure. I installed the kit properly but the game just doesn’t boot properly since the install.

I backed out the kit and replaced the original RAM. Working like it was again.

Final Analysis

Acquisition175 working
High Score Kit29Matt Osborn (Score Saves)
Leg Levellers5 
Cap Kit10Plus install
Overlay50Overlay & Shipping
Target Price(500) 

The special costs involved with overseas transport are detailed here and removed form the cost calculation of this unit.
Fuel Cost108Denville
Fuel Cost126Hagerstown

Corner Rebuild Begins

I started the rebuild on the Gyruss corner. It is not deep but a large area is missing. I will need to do this in step so the Bondo can dry completely between applications. This was about as much as I could mound up. I will build a mold to support the next application.

Back Door

The back door was locked and (of course) the seller did not have the key. I tried to drill and failed. I pried it open and had to fix the damage.

Gyruss had an internal plate to orient the lock and stop people from prying it open. It took two huge chunks out of the door when I broke in. I glued them back in place (You have to admire particle board!) and clamped for 48 hours.

The swelling on this door was normal for particle board this age. I sanded down to normal width and repainted. I know it is just the back and no one ever sees it but I still want it to be solid, fit properly, functional and black.

Photos: Take down the swelling

Leg Levellers

The feet were torn off the original legs. I put new legs on because it will make it much easier to move at the destination. The shop floor is old concrete and can take the punishment. the buyer’s home floor might not be so durable.